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Brisbane Lodge

Brisbane Lodge

355 Wickham Terrace, Brisbane QLD 4000

Aspects of Budo in Relation to the Spiritual Life

Public lecture, 7.30 - 8.30 pm, 25 May 2022.

Featured Speaker:Jarrod Ryder
Venue:Brisbane Lodge

Jarrod Ryder 7.30pm 25 May

Ever wondered why Zen is so fundamentally interconnected to the traditional Budo martial arts schools of Japan? Find out how the example of the idealistic Samurai presents us with a living example of Zen in practice.

The Talk

The warrior traditions of the orient and specifically Japan have been greatly influenced by the spiritual heritage of Zen Buddhism and the Taoist Sages of ancient China. The learning methodology and the philosophical approach to life found throughout this martial culture into the modern era provides key insights on how we can learn from their example and experience to further our own spiritual evolution. It is not so much the form but the process…

The Presenter

Jarrod was first introduced to the Theosophical Society by an elderly person who had been a member for over 70 years, and this is his 4th year of membership. As a younger adult he received his Bachelor of Theology Degree as a private student with an interest in textual analysis and systematics, later developing his interests into esoteric spiritual practices. Learning basic meditation from a Buddhist Sakya monk opened new worlds and he followed a historical study tracing the migrations of the Celts to Europe and back to India on a quest to seek out the spiritual roots of civilisation. Initiated into two Hindu Dharmic traditions, he also belongs to a small Thai SakYant magical school, with particular interest in Yoga and Vedic spiritual traditions. His interest in working through a personal Dharmic path from these esoteric spiritual schools is now integrated with the Ancient Wisdom of the Theosophical Society. Jarrod is also currently researching and studying the work of AE George William Russell eminent Irish Poet and Theosophist. Along with his partner he is raising 4 children and runs a Financial Brokerage business, after a long career in banking where he worked in the investment arm of a major bank. Jarrod has also maintained a lifelong interest in practicing various martial arts and received his black belt from Kaicho Shinjo Watanabe, head of the Shorinji-Ryu Kenyukai Watanabe-Ha school of Budo, a traditional Japanese Karate school.

Safety Reminder

If you have cold or flu-like symptoms however mild, please do not attend.


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