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Heart glass photo by matthew fournier on unsplash

Wisdom, Good Health and Immortality

Alec Cox on Scientology public talk 7.30 pm 20 Feb

Freimaurer initiation

The Origins & Philosophies of Freemasonry

Paul Holland 7.30 pm 27 Feb all welcome

Jiddu krishnamurthy

The Krishnamurti Conference 2018

Discussion led by Bruce Cassidy 7.30 pm 6 March 2019

New york public library public domain image

The Relevance of Theology

Renee Hills public talk 7.30 pm 13 March 2019

Detail from raphael%e2%80%99s venus and psyche %281517%29 pdr

The Nature of the Psyche according to C.G. Jung

Annie De Lauro Brisbane 7.30 pm 20 March 2019 all welcome

Flammarion woodcut colored

The Curious History of the Flammarion Woodcut

Laurence Browne Brisbane 7.30 pm 27 March 2019 all welcome

Ryoji iwata 627883 unsplash

Evolving 'Planetary Humans’ through The Overview Effect

Richard Whitehurst  7.30 pm 10 April 2019 all welcome

Street art lips and eye photo by mr tt on unsplash

Theosophical Perspective on the Existence of Free Will

James Thompson 7.30 pm 17 April 2019 all welcome

Mutter gottes

What is Theosophy?

Michael Morton Brisbane 7.30 pm 24 April 2019 all welcome

Maxime lebrun unsplash spiral scaled

2019 School of Theosophy

MEMBERS ONLY Friday 26 April - Thursday 2 May 2019, Queensland

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