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Woman's eye through green leaves photo by drew graham on unsplash

5 February Lecture & Discussion

Everything Old is New Again: The Ancient Wisdom and the New Paradigm

Street art lips and eye photo by mr tt on unsplash

12 February 2020

Public Lecture

Akbar and tansen visit haridas

19 February Lecture

Tsung-Mi’s Teachings on the Interpenetration of Opposites

Hands touching white shirts photo by rawpixel on unsplash

26 February 2020

Public Lecture

Daoyin tu 'guiding and pulling chart' mawangdui tomb 3  china

4 March 2020 Public Lecture

Zhuangzi and Fun

Tina june 2019 coverpicture

11 March 2020

Public Lecture


18 March 2020

Public Lecture

Night sky speeded up in blue photo by jeremy thomas on unsplash

25 March 2020

Public Lecture

Simon matzinger 195097 unsplash

Saturday 4 April 2020


Rishabhanatha sitting in two stages of meditation  cca. 1680. san diego museum of art

8 April 2020

Public Lecture

Photo by stephanie leblanc on unsplash

22 April 2020 Public Lecture

The Final Benediction

Photo by carlos de toro on unsplash

29 April 2020

Public Reading: An Evening with the Poets

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