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Helena Roerich

Ted Wenham 31 May 7.30pm


Know Thyself: A Spiritual Journey to Wholeness

Dr Toula Gordillo 7 June 7.30pm

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Eckhart Tolle - The Essence of His Works and Teachings

David Toyer 14 June 7.30pm

Photo by efe kurnaz on unsplash

Practical Mysticism: The Way of the Future - Part II

William Meader 28 June 7.30pm

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Preparing for Our Spiritual Journey Home

John Davey 5 July 7.30pm

Leaflet theosophy revisiting the ancient wisdom

The Spiritual Path, Initiation and Techniques to Guide the Seeker Towards Illumination

Tony Petcopolous 12 July 7.30pm

Annelies geneyn bhbonc07wsi unsplash

Sacred Reading: The Ancient Art of Lectio Divina

Workshop. Walter Mason 29 July 11am - 3pm

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