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From the manly palmer hall collection of alchemical manuscripts  1500 1825

Public Lecture

23 October The Divine in the Abrahamic Tradition

Egyptian philosopher teaching pupil wellcome collection

Public Lecture

30 October Ancient Civilizations

Photo by jon tyson on unsplash

Discussion Night

6 November: Spirituality

Photo by joshua sortino on unsplash

Panel about Spirituality 11 September

Guest Speakers Edward Johnson & Steve Grace

The trouvelot astronomical drawings %281882%29 the planet saturn

Public Lecture

13 November The Great Saturn/Pluto Conjunction, Jan 2020

Woman on beach with hands in question pose photo by dardan on unsplash

Public Lecture

20 November Transcending Spiritual Materialism: Overcoming Obstacles to Awakening

Dracaena moorei


27 November 2019

Photo by jon tyson on unsplash

A Dialogue With The Universe

2020 National Convention featuring Richard Silberstein 18-25 January

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