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Photo by tyler hendy on unsplash

Upcoming lecture: What is Theosophy?

Michael Morton Brisbane 7.30 pm 24 April 2019 all welcome

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Facilitated Discussion 1 May

Besant & Leadbeater's Occult Chemistry Brisbane 1 May 7.30 pm

Photo by tyler hendy on unsplash

Next Public Talk

David Allan on G.I. Gurdjieff and his Teachings 8 May 7.30 pm

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International President Tim Boyd 14 May

Public lecture OVERCOMING FEAR 7.30 pm

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Coming up Next in Brisbane 22 May

Public talk on the Knights Templar by Dr Catarina Moreira 7.30 pm

Bathing the christ child unknown armenian artist 1386 getty images

Public talk 29 May 7.30 pm

Adam Mistry at Brisbane TS on THE FOUR PILLARS OF GNOSIS

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National President in Brisbane 5 June 7.30 pm

Linda Oliveira on Contemplative Living in the Modern World 7.30 pm

Siddhartha gautama wellcome

Workshop on the Noble Truth of Suffering

Facilitated by Bruce Cassidy at Brisbane TS 7.30 pm 19 June

Racinet pdr phoenix

Coming up at Brisbane TS 3 July 7.30 pm


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Coming up in Brisbane 10 July  7.30 pm

Barry Bowden on KARMA AND DHARMA

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