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Brisbane Lodge

Brisbane Lodge

355 Wickham Terrace, Brisbane QLD 4000

Hope and Beauty of the Divine Femine, with Nicole Terrasin

Public Lecture, 7.30 - 8.30 pm, 17 November 2021.

Featured Speaker:Nicole Terrasin
Venue:Brisbane Lodge

channel your inner divine goddess

Wear something beautiful when you come along to Nicole Terrasin's lecture: a special celebration about being a woman, celebrating and honoring the important attributes of women.

Please join us as we place the Divine Feminine again in her central position in all our lives, for the Feminine exists within us all, Masculine and Feminine. It is harmony of the alchemic marriage, of unity and oneness, so the earth and all of ourselves heal.

Today we face a chaotic paradigm of fear and confusion as our world and lives morph into something which is at times barely recognisable to our old norms. In the classical format of dialogue between myself and Min Chen, we will present in rhetoric the critical need for balance between the polarities of the feminine love and masculine direct action. A fundamental order to re-establish harmony and peace, so creative tension can exist between light and dark in the most binary of worlds.

As Keats spoke of  'Truth is Beauty and Beauty is Truth', let the earthly illumination of the material love, which is beauty, find unity with the dynamism of love to heal ourselves and our most beautiful earth.

About the Presenter

Nicole's esoteric path is that of the Fool of the Tarot. While studying Architecture at Sydney University she was taught by scholar John James, whose revolutionary work on Chartres Cathedral Sacred Geometry brought her into contact with the Neo Platonic Ideals of its attached Medieval Mystery School. Later her studies followed the traditions of Theosophy, Alchemy, the Heart and Tarot. This gift was granted through a series of teachers who she has been greatly privileged to learn from and gain friendship with.

In 2019 she studied Siberian Shamanism for a period at St Petersburg Ethnographical Museum in Russia. This led her to commence the study of Russian and she intents to return to Russia to continue her study of these living artifacts once travel is again possible. She works as a property developer and artist and continually attempts to find balance between the material of her work and the spiritual of her thought and action.


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