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Brisbane Lodge

Brisbane Lodge

355 Wickham Terrace, Brisbane QLD 4000

Hermetic Initiation into Advanced Spiritual Ascension

Public lecture, 7.30 - 8.30 pm, 23 February 2022.

Featured Speaker:Michael Lamb
Venue:Brisbane Lodge

Michael Lamb 7.30pm 23 February

Hermetics is: The Great Work – Out of Chaos Comes Light.

Hermetic Alchemy is everything in relationship with energy. You are Pure Light energy being, meaning you can sense, feel and give energy to all living life around you and use it to increase your awareness and vice versa. You can give energy back to enhance, educate and heal yourself and any living being.

Hermetic Alchemy is the energy to know, understand and believe in your life experience. Everything created through universal love is enlightenment. Like the oceans and sky change every day, so does life, constantly ebbing and flowing to natural Earthly, Lunar, Solar, Galactic and Universal rhythms

Contents: Presenting your life conscious, the world's greatest adventure.

  • Meditation – hollow self and silence
  • Breathing the breath of life
  • Focusing your mind and concentration power word command
  • Imagination, visualisation, working with mental pictures
  • Affirmation, prayer and chanting the rhythm of harmony
  • Light, darkness and polarity
  • Karma: The lore of action/reaction, cause and effect
  • Your physical body, mind and soul – diet exercise
  • Earth world the material plane
  • Your soul or Astral body
  • The Astral planes and Time
  • The Mental planes
  • The Elements
  • Ancient Gods, Goddesses & Pantheons
  • Energy shields for protection and concentration
  • Past lives and reincarnation
  • Understanding dreams and symbols

Safety Reminder

To ensure everyone feels safe at all times and make it easier for our wonderful volunteer facilitators and helpers to comply with current regulations, we kindly ask everyone to follow the current safety measures required by government and the Health Department within the TS premises and our local community. These measures are:
• Sign-in with the QR code upon arrival
• A face mask covering the nose and mouth must be brought with you and worn at all times indoors even where physical distancing is possible and when seated throughout the lecture/event
• 1 person per 2m2 indoors. Capacity limits apply so get in early to secure a seat
• If you have cold or flu-like symptoms however mild, do not attend
• Use hand sanitiser upon arrival and maintain good hygiene
• Maintain social distancing of 1.5m from anyone outside your household during events
• Eating and drinking must be done while seated and social distancing remains in place
• Masks can be removed to take a drink /eat... while seated, so keep your seats at the end of the event
• No self-service of food/beverages. Our friendly certified food service volunteers are there to assist!
• Please dispose of your plates, cups and other items in the bins provided when you are finished with them and maintain good hygiene. Hand sanitiser and soap is always available. Please use it.
• Doors and windows are to remain open for increased air circulation
• Donations are encouraged and welcomed but please donate online or come to the library and use EFTPOS so we don't have to handle cash. Thank you.
For more information about the directives and restrictions in place please refer to the following:


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