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Brisbane Lodge

Brisbane Lodge

355 Wickham Terrace, Brisbane QLD 4000

The Angelic Kingdom

Public lecture, 7.30 - 8.30 pm, 9 March 2022.

Featured Speaker:Nicky Bassett
Venue:Brisbane Lodge

Nicky Bassett 7.30pm March 9

Drawing on the inspirational teachings of esteemed Theosophists such as Geoffrey Hodson and Madame Blavatsky and other sources, Nicky takes us on an illuminating journey into the world of the Angelic hosts. With vivid images of their visionary appearance, their mode of communication with each other and humans, the vast breadth of roles they perform, and a process for inviting the Angels into our lives, she paints a picture of a parallel universe of great spiritual Beings seeking to once again work closely with mankind and so restore a Golden Age of Angelichuman co-operation.

Nicky is a member of the Theosophical Society. She has an Arts degree majoring in Psychology and Journalism, and is a qualified astrologer. Nicky ran her own management consulting company for fifteen years during which time she presented a range of workshops for private enterprise and government around Australia. She currently teaches Astrology, The Power of Colour and How to Open Your Heart for the Relaxation Centre of Queensland. She also lectured at the Australian College of Natural Medicine and had a counselling practice for many years.

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• If you have cold or flu-like symptoms however mild, do not attend
• Use hand sanitiser upon arrival and maintain good hygiene
• Maintain social distancing of 1.5m from anyone outside your household during events
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