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Brisbane Lodge

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The Wise Advocate - Where Science Meets Spirituality, with Josie Thomson

Public Seminar, 7.30 - 8.30 pm, 29 September 2021.

Venue:Brisbane Lodge

Do you struggle making important decisions?

Have you ever wondered how it could be easier, guided with an inner sense of 'knowing' about what the right thing to do is? Come along to this insightful presentation and learn how easy it can be.

Having survived 'terminal' cancer several times, studied fields such as neuroscience, epigenetics, natural therapies, heartmath - heart coherence, egyptology, philosophy, mindfulness and MBSR to name a few, Josie serves as a bridge between the worlds of corporates/business and spirituality. This presentation will highlight neuroscience insights, coupled with personal experience and some experiential practices for you to connect in with your own inner loving guide - the voice of your Wise Advocate.


Josie Thomson has built a very successful business despite facing a life threatening illness three times, most recently a brain tumor in 2010. Prior to launching her business in 2001, Josie had an exceptional corporate career with one of the world's largest mining companies for over a decade. Josie has studied extensively to become a Neuroleadership expert and multi-award winning executive coach. Josie Thomson knows a thing or two about resilience. She has completed masters studies in neuroscience, mindfulness coaching, MBSR and workplace mindfulness facilitation. As a three-time cancer survivor, she is living proof that: more than education, more than experience, more than training, more than any one single factor, RESILIENCE determines who succeeds and who fails.

A highly sought after speaker, Josie has shared the stage with top motivational speakers on the global circuit, speaking at many of the world's leading conferences, including: STADA, Mind & Its Potential, ICF Global, ICF Australasia, TedX, Happiness & It's Causes, AITD, CPA Congress and many more. She has coached hundreds of executives and leaders to achieve massive personal and business breakthroughs. Her client list includes Macquarie Bank, Origin Energy, Suncorp, Anglo Coal, Coles Myer, Queensland University of Technology (QUT), Queensland Investment Corporation (QIC), McDonalds, Rio Tinto, Brisbane Airport Corporation and the Queensland Government – to name a few.

Since 2012, together with Dr Jeffrey M Schwartz, Josie delivers a global breakthrough webinar series 'You are not your brain' which teaches people neuroscience-based strategies for sustainably taking control of their brain, changing bad habits and ending unhealthy thinking – for good! This program has resulted in numerous life transformations and a call for greater access to their combined works. Consequently, in 2019 along with Art Kleiner, Editor for Strategy & Business Magazine, Dr Schwartz and Josie Thomson authored an award-nominated book, published by Columbia University Press, called The Wise Advocate - The Inner Voice of Strategic Leadership.

Josie Thomson is fiercely passionate about leading positive change and serving to transform the lives of others to enable healthy, happy and capable communities. She is Ambassador for Childhood Cancer Support (CCS) and a regular contributor at the North Brisbane Head & Neck Cancer Support Group. Josie is a single mother and is a long time meditator. She believes life doesn't have to be as hard as we may experience and encourages others to tune INto their own light and universal consciousness.  You can learn more about Josie on her website:


Please remember to follow all current Government and Health directives. Sign-in with the QR code upon arrival, use hand sanitiser and maintain good hygiene and social distancing throughout the night. Masks are to be worn indoors at all times throughout events. While we love to see lots of people enjoying the resources, facilities, lectures and other events at BTS, if you have any cold or flu-like symptoms, please do not attend.


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