The Theosophical
Society in Australia

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Canberra Group

meetings suspended until further notice due to coronavirus

All activities are on Saturday from 2pm – 4.30pm, at the Emeritus Faculty of the Australian National University, 24 Balmain Crescent, Acton

All meetings are open to the public unless specified otherwise. Anyone interested in the subject is welcome at the discussion group meetings.

Coordinator: Gordon Herbert
Secretary: Barbara Harrod

2020 Programme


Our year 2020 program theme is "The value of theosophy for current world issues" as it applies through
"Development of personal wisdom and revelation for world service".

Saturday 15 February
Wisdom Inspiration

A panel of speakers will talk briefly on their answers to the following questions:

  1. What modern wisdom teachings have you enjoyed? - including any sources from the 19th century to the present

  2. How have they helped your thinking, feeling and behaviour?

  3. Could they affect human civilisation? - think of past, present and future

  4. Why do you think that this wisdom is given to humanity?

Those present will be given a short worksheet to note their own experiences and discussion.

Saturday 21 March
The Flowering of Wisdom from Right Living

National President Linda Oliveira will speak on:

What does it mean to live rightly?  If we can embrace some of the fundamentals of right living, taught in the theosophical and various religious traditions, then wisdom may flower.  Some salutary hints on right living are given by a former International President of The Theosophical Society, Mr N. Sri Ram, as well as Clara Codd, which will be the focus of exploration in this talk.   Also, some consideration will be given to the nature of Wisdom itself and its resonances with the flowering process in nature.  If humanity had greater wisdom, the world could be a dramatically different place.

Saturday 18 April
Apocalypse – Myth and Present Day

Gordon Herbert and one other will consider apocalypse as given in the Book of Revelation in the Bible, and will speak on wisdom predictions for the coming Age of Aquarius, scientific predictions for our current century, and resolution of possible conflicts.

Saturday 16 May
Astrological Implications for Year 2020 and beyond

Marie McArdle, former President of the Canberra Branch of the TS will talk on the astrology of the Saturn-Pluto conjunction setting the tone for 2020 and the dawning of Age of Aquarius. She will consider the relevance of astrology to the issues of global warming, world integration, and our possible roles in mitigation.

Saturday 20 June
Women of Spiritual Integrity

Dianne Kynaston will talk about a number of women, across different cultures and religions, and in different periods of history, who appear to have attained higher states of consciousness, and are highly regarded for their spiritual and philosophical teachings.

Saturday 18 July
Christmas in July

A relaxed and fun afternoon with members contributing talks and acts of various kinds, followed by Christmas style refreshments and conversation.


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