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Daoyin tu 'guiding and pulling chart' mawangdui tomb 3  china

4 March 2020 Public Lecture

Zhuangzi and Fun

Tina june 2019 coverpicture

11 March 2020 Public Lecture

A Course in Miracles: A Western Vedanta


18 March 2020 Public Lecture

HP Blavatsky: The Writer

Night sky speeded up in blue photo by jeremy thomas on unsplash

25 March 2020 Public Lecture

Dark Matter - Science's Endless Search

Photo by jeremy weber on unsplash

1 April 2020 Public Discussion

'Holy Fools'. Looking at contenders for the title.

Simon matzinger 195097 unsplash

Saturday 4 April 2020 Seminar

Claiming the Power of the Soul: Why we don't hear what we need to know

Rishabhanatha sitting in two stages of meditation  cca. 1680. san diego museum of art

8 April 2020 Public Lecture

An Introduction to the Life and Teaching of Ramana Maharashi

Photo by james wheeler on unsplash

15 April 2020 Public Lecture

Ancient Civilizations, Part II: Cambodia and the Khmer Empire Detailed

Photo by stephanie leblanc on unsplash

22 April 2020 Public Lecture

The Final Benediction

Photo by carlos de toro on unsplash

29 April 2020 A Poetry Night

Public Reading: An Evening with the Poets

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