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Practical Mysticism

Movie Night William Meader 7.30pm March 29

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Workshop: The Heart: Doorway To The Soul

Tony Petcopoulos & Nicky Bassett 10am-3.30pm  April 2

Rosette from stylized flowers and leaves %281918%29 by julie de graag %281877 1924%29. original from the rijksmuseum. digitally enhanced by rawpixel

The Three Transformations

David Monaghan 7.30pm 5 April

Detail 2 from sandro boticelli%e2%80%99s trial of moses showing jethro%e2%80%99s daughter zipporah

Unmasking Our True Self

Arno Hess 7.30pm 12 April

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How Do We Develop Spiritual Consciousness?

Barry Bowden Workshop 10am 15 April

Ashoka's visit to the ramagrama stupa sanchi stupa 1 southern gateway

The Key To Contemplation

Simon O'Rourke 7.30pm 19 April

Sapho pompei   naples national archaeological museum  public domain

Mysticism Across Religious Traditions

Juliana Cesano 7.30pm 26 April

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